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The Delta Snake Review


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Epinions Guitar Reviews and my life as " Ahand"

I did guitar and other instrument reviews for the Epinions site for several years. 223 to be exact, under the handle "Ahand."

The site is still there, but it's owner eBay, has more or less turned it into sort of mundane searchable catalog. Also the thousands of reviews that the members did and were paid royalties for are now just simply treated as consumer reviews like on Amazon and other sites.

All the writers were given the option to download their work, to keep and do what they liked with it, but the material was also left on the site for free use by eBay.

This isn't going to be an editorial about eBay's business practices, but since at least at the moment my reviewer page is still up, I thought I'd give you the link so you can go back and take a look at the variety of reviews that were written.

If you're in the guitars of all types, banjos, mandolins, and even ukuleles, you might find some of the reviews interesting reading. I always tried to put a paragraph of two of useful information into each review and not just talk about the product.

Ahand reviews on ePinions: