The Delta Snake Review

The Delta Snake Review


Saturday, February 27, 2016

Handa-McGraw International American primitive music field recording tour: day 8

One of the handicaps of a road trip with one's actual instruments, instead of the rock star doctrine of renting cheapies for a tour, is that inclement weather drives us indoors.

My reasons for the seemingly idiotic use of my vintage instruments in the wild will be explained in a later blog.

Ivy, who has proven to be a fierce and merciless hunting dog, has had her ability to bring in wild deer and bear meat for the camp neutralized by the nice warm bed of a motel. She has reverted to old habits like taking frequent naps and keeping me awake with her snoring. Ivy also prefers her dog food to be cubed into 1/4" squares cut to a 1/100th tolerance.

Luckily at dinner time, she was able to tree a pizza, and after a short but costly battle that forced me to use my survival knife, we were able to bring down the beast and our survival ensured for another day.

More later after we both wake up from our food induced stupor...

Ivy seen here proudly posing by her latest hunting trophy.