The Delta Snake Review

The Delta Snake Review


Thursday, March 31, 2016

Handa-McGraw International American primitive music field recording tour: day 39

Today's entry: Hobo Spoons are better than survival knives, and bring plenty of quarters...

I described buying a Bear Grier survival knife in a previous entry, and so far, other than using it to cut a cheese package open, it's still in pristine shape.

I won't go as far as saying it's useless, as next item I describe, I owned for almost 3 years before finally using it.

I believe it's called a hobo spoon, although it's really sort of a Swiss Army knife for eating utensils. 

The reason I never used it for three years was because, as a general rule, it's seems easier to carry a supply of plastic eating utensils (or grab a bunch at the local condiment counter at a fast food joint).

However, it was evitable that I would run out of plastic forks. So I took out the hobo spoon for the first time, and frankly was hooked. Plastic utensils are fine, but you can't really beat a metal fork and spoon for eating.

The only complaint I have is that I would rather have a good can opener on it than a corkscrew. Though I imagine that the majority of people would find a low brow way to open a wine bottle handier.

Quarters Are King:

I hear a lot of talk about bitcoins being the new universal currency, but on the road the true universal cash are quarters.

For anything from vending machines to laundromats, you need quarters. Sure, many vending machines take dollar bills but often those devices aren't working or won't take the bill you're offering.

Also, quarters are the perfect emergency money. If you keep bills as your stash, you're going to spend it. The nice thing about quarters is that making any kind of a large purchase, like for gas, is often embarrassing to do with change, so any of those coins put away for a rainy day is likely to stay there until you really need it.

Hard to believe that 39 days have passed since announcing the periscope live broadcasts, though there was a two week delay due to breaking my nails during the move (women and fingerpicking guitarists will understand how debilitating that is). 

The main thing was that when playing for recording, you're only playing a number until you get a good take. It didn't take long to realize that knowing a number well enough to do it live was a whole different thing, and changed my original choice of instrument to perform with. 

I'd say I'm about a week from finally starting the periscope broadcasts, give or take a month...

Hobo Spoon set, the two halves assemble into one unit.

Ivy seen here taking a break from her laundry sorting duties...