The Delta Snake Review

The Delta Snake Review


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Handa-McGraw International American primitive music field recording tour: day whatever

Roommate Issues With A Small Cute White Fluffy Dog:

A long string of rainy days has delayed the live Periscope broadcasts in the wild (though indoors is being considered), but has also driven the Handa-McGraw International Field Recording Broadcast Team indoors.

While the first days of the road trip were all fun and games, the later days have brutally exposed the challenges of living on the road with a little white fluffy diva.

The snoring I can live with, I'm used to wearing ear plugs when sleeping.

Ivy's preference for sleeping in various locations of the bed (including on any pillow that doesn't have a human head in it at that moment) and the noise and shaking from her preparing the spot to feel just right at 3am is pushing the envelope of universal brotherhood, but tolerable.

But I prefer to sleep using a light cover, and my little white fluffy bed hog has decided that while I do have certain rights as her master and as the one whose paid for the room, my favorite down comforter has now become a scene of territorial conflict.

Her attitude is that I can have the comforter when in legitimate use, otherwise it's fair game for her rapacious appetite for territory.

Getting angry with her isn't an option. No human being can get stern with a tiny little white fluffy dog who knows how to act stricken with fear and not feel like a callous bully and animal hater.

Those who know Shih tzu's also understand that Ivy wouldn't obey any direct order anyway, no matter how often it's repeated or how many times I carry her to the dog bathroom area or try to bribe her with extra meals.

Thus, like most post moderns, my angst finds expression in social networks and my blog. At least humans will listen...

I believe the first song on the periscope broadcast will be a blues...

Ivy seen here enjoying the soft luxury of my down comforter and jeans.