The Delta Snake Review

The Delta Snake Review


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Greatest Blues Car Songs Continued: Number 5 and 6.

Decided to add numbers 6 and 5 to the top ten list, and introduce the new CADDY Speedometer Rating system, which as a disclaimer, is for entertainment purposes only and isn't a recommendation of how fast you should drive while listening.
Continuing on here with the list.....

6. Paul Gayten & Friends: "Cow Cow Blues" (78RMP Collection, Amazon, etc). As many of you know, or may not know, the word Cow is a popular word in song titles, though not as much as evil women or no good guys. This is one of the most enjoyable swing piano boogie instrumentals ever, and an essential part of any collection. It opens up with a tinkly piano riff, done on the far right of the keyboard, and it pretty much stays there while a great walking bass rolls in, accentuated by a drummer who isn't trying to be too smooth. In fact, that's part of this group's charm, it all sounds offhanded and casual, but it's more a case of music done so well that it sounds easy.

CADDY Speedometer Rating: Perfect at 30mph, but please don't go 30 on the freeway just because it sounds perfect at that speed.

5. Bill Haley & His Comets: Rudy's Rock. Many of Haley's greatest hits compilations have this one, but before buying "Rock Around The Clock," check out this one. Basically it's a loose, very swinging and rocking jam featuring the sax player, and it's like with the Paul Gayten cut, has a loose jam feel. Except, once again, these guys are just too good to sound like they're just jamming. If you like Roomful of Blues, this cut will blow you away. It's always on my iPod, and I may ask Apple to please hard wire it into my next one.

CADDY Speedometer Rating: Perfect at freeway speed, and at 35mph if there's not too many stoplights. Otherwise, use at any speed, or slip it into the queue at a party as the perfect antidote to playlists with excessive amounts of guitar blues.