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The Delta Snake Review


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Internet Is Forever: Old Delta Snake stuff still online

After writing the last blog, I decided to actually see how many old Delta Snake reviews and articles were still online. It's not a comprehensive list, basically first page of a google search and a look at the pipl page, but it's a good view of some of my old writing.

One thing for sure, I'm glad I didn't do something stupid and put it on youtube or something...what you do really does stay online forever...


* Canned Heat "Future Blues" Review

The Canned Heat official page still carries the May 1996 (Vol 3., No.3) Snake
review of the Future Blues album.

* Fairfield Four "Wreckin' The House"

Using the most spectacular line from a review, which is common practice, and
reviewers know it...we all hoped back then to be quoted. " Breath-taking bass
and high harmonies, and explosive vocal climaxes that send chills down your
spine."--Al Handa,

* Boz Scaggs "Come On Home" Review

September 1997 review, scroll down about 3/4 down to get to that one.

* Fiona Boyes Press Section

Many blues artists probably don't even remember or realize there's a Delta Snake
quote in their press release or page. Here's one" Some of the most listenable
folk blues I've heard in a long time … a remarkable solo debut by an artist with
a lot of good music to come … who bears close watching in the future – Al Handa,
Delta Snake Review

* Delta Snake May 1997 No.19

This issue is still up in it's entirety. Reviewed included Roy Rogers, Percey
Mayfield, Ellen McIlwaine, Darrell Nulisch, Kenny Blue Ray, Son Lewis and many
many more.

* Maria Coyote

One of the things I always tried to do with the Snake was find blues artists
overseas...the first web issues, for example, found an Aborigine Blues artist,
and Maria was another from Sweden.

"For those who love the blues, there is a harmonica and guitarist named Maria
Coyote out of Sweden . Very powerful Delta blues style, with a freedom in
performance that was present in the 20´s when that genre was at it’s peak, and
not so common now. You can find her site at:
Her main is also interesting as she is a talented artist particularly in
AL HANDA, The Delta Snake blues, jazz, world music reviews and opinion, US

Al Handa was the Editor and Publisher of the Delta Snake Daily Blues, and the
Delta Snake Review.

* King of Maxwell Street

An old poem of mine that was published on the "Preserve Maxwell Street" Site. It
was part of a blues/jazz poetry work that's actually still in rough draft form
and in progress.

* The Colored Aristocracy: The Blues Banjo.

The Preserve Maxwell Street site exerpted from a longer article I had written
about the blues banjo. The title came from a Taj Mahal banjo piece.

* Back In The Day: A View Of The Blues

Ricky Bush, a writer who used to do reviews for the old Delta Snake, went on to
do a very good blues blog, and he talks a bit about his reviews.

* Chris Murphy Review

A Sept. '97 review I wrote for issue 20 of the Snake when it was an E-Zine (back
when the Internet was all about the Usenet.


The page reprinted my review of "Pure Religion And Bad
Company" that ran in issue NO. 19.

* Lady Blue And The Tramps quote

Group still uses an old quote from a Delta Snake review: Powerful, sultry
vocals, screamin' guitar, and a tight, dynamic rhythm section. "Listenable to
the extreme" (Al Handa, Delta Snake Blues).

* Paul Delay "American Voodoo" Review

This was from E-Zine version No.3, you can always tell because the slogan was
always "...bringing the thrill back to ASCII"

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