The Delta Snake Review

The Delta Snake Review


Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Guitar Review: 1933 Gibson L-50 Archtop (a video in progress)

I had decided to start a video review of one of my my guitars, a vintage 1933 Gibson L-50. 

I taped it in three parts, but decided to keep only part one, which was the musical intro. I started it off in a sort of grungy black-and-white, and the next two parts were in color, which seemed jar me out of the mood, and I figured it would do the same to somebody watching.

Also it occurred to me that maybe I would rather not review the guitar model, and make it more of a story about that guitar. You have to figure that any guitar that started that's life in 1933 must have a lot of stories attached to it, and seen a lot of places.

My feeling was that it was a lot more than what some experts would consider it's collectible value, the fact that it uses parallel and cross bracing rather than the more modern X type, or any of the modern considerations about whether it's design or success as a product have any real bearing on it's value as an instrument.

After all, it only has to be valuable to one person, the one playing it.

In any case, here's part one of the video review. Basically the musical intro that was going to lead to the slideshow about it specs.

It won't exactly tell you everything you need to know about the instrument, obviously, but maybe it's voice will. I'll put out part two and three after I've revisited the concept a bit, and redo it.

1933 Gibson L-50 review intro: