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The Delta Snake Review


Sunday, May 11, 2014

My multi-part series on history of the Resophonic Guitar

Almost 20 years ago I was asked to write a multipart history of the Resophonic Guitar by the National Resophonic company. It was intended by the publicist at the time to be a sort of stopgap until a more formal company bio could be written.

Almost 2 decades down the line, the history that I wrote still remains on the website. They were great company to work with and it probably remains the highest-paid Web writing job I ever did.

It was based heavily on the worker Bob Brozman, probably the foremost expert on that type of guitar.

It's turned out to be my most enduring work on the web. It's a good introduction to those who are interested in the resophonic guitar, and one of the parts focuses on the blues artist that used it.

History Of The Resophonic Guitar

By Al Handa