The Delta Snake Review

The Delta Snake Review


Sunday, May 4, 2014

So what is The Delta Snake?

The simple answer is that's simply a blog. The reason the title is somewhat vague, and seems to leave the subject matter open, is that I intend to do it as sort of a "magazine in sequence."

 In my old Delta Smake publication, it was organized pretty much like any other magazine publication. It had discreet sections, for reviews, articles, that sort of thing.

After a great deal of thought (actually not really) I decided to just simply do the contents of a magazine in order as those come up in my stream of consciousness. I considered doing it as a webpage again, but decided not to.

The main reason is that the Delta Snake Blues Newd finally ended up as a webpage, and early HTML programming made organizing the page a constant time wasting pain in the ass. Particularly when I first started working in columns, and finally made the mistake of attempting to link sound files as a sort of sound magazine.

So when you look at the string of blogs a month from now, you'll be able to visualize it as a sort of magazine, except that in your mental picture you can put everything anywhere you like.

My last writing gig was reviewing Instruments for Epinions, and it was a very successful tenure. I became one of the top music instrument writers and accumulated almost 270,000 visits. Which I doubt will happen here, but the nice thing about this blog is I'll be able to review guitars and instruments that I feel like writing about.

About the only thing I'll probably avoid is books, which would require me to actually read them, and ponder all sorts of technical points that I'm not really qualified to judge unless it's a military history book.

I'll probably move the material that I've been putting into the Facebook band page, for Handa-McGraw and The Internationals and Boogie Underground, but as separate items. To be honest I haven't really decided yet, it might be better to put them in a separate blog.

 As far as how the blog is written, I intend to do it by dictating it all into my iPhone... I had toyed with the idea of doing it Jack Kerouac style in a continuous stream with no editing. That idea died pretty quickly as I figured all I would get is a constant stream of trolls criticizing my spelling. It doesn't take much on the Internet to get a bunch of people chewing on your butt.

One nice thing about simply dictating one's thoughts as they come up is that when you're discussing a subject like the blues, there's a lot of good and bad research on that subject. Some of the scholarship is excellent, and there's a lot of notions that would easily qualify as fairytales. Getting into the scholarship of the subject would run me into his many different opinions and interests as a political party trying to create its platform for a convention.

The idea of music and fairy tales is a pretty involved subject. There's a lot of myths and romantic notions about how music is discovered and brought to the public, and even more so with Blues.

That particular blog entry is still percolating in my brain, but will be definitely the subject of a future entry.

But right now I'm just sort of warming up, just getting back into writing again on a sort of schedule, and I figure in about a month, the content should rise to the level of being interesting.